Enlightenment (2015)

_JCF4845 copy

Enlightenment (2015) was commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral to celebrate and be inspired by the ideas and progress of the Magna Carta since it was sealed 800 years ago. The work ponders the effects that the document has had on people and societies around the world. Magna Carta has come to symbolise key messages of human rights and equality – concepts that have rippled through space and time. But these ripples have been physical as well as intellectual – the ideas are highly charged and often challenge the status quo, resulting in a long list of power struggles and conflicts.


The piece also builds on previous projects, such as Aeolian light (2014) and Submergence (2013), that use large walkthrough arrays of responsive lights to physically surround the visitor, placing them within a massive hybrid reality space. The result is a beguiling, disorienting and immersive experience that alters our perceptions of space, place and each other.



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