Inspired by the windy location at Salford Quays, Aeolian Light visualises the wind as an illuminated chaotic force. Virtual debris and imaginary fields of energy pass through the work, carried on the wind in gusts and blasts. The strings and lights also sway physically in the wind, and people add a layer of illumination and turbulence as they walk through the piece.

According to Quays Culture, who commissioned the work, Aeolian Light was seen by 547,973 visitors in its three week run from 17 December 2014 to 7 January 2015.

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Aeolian Light is a highly evocative outdoor installation artwork by digital artists Squidsoup, using thousands of individually controlled lights suspended in space to create an unforgettable, immersive, dynamic, walkthrough experience that is also a very striking visitor experience.

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The piece is a further development of the ideas explored in Submergence, and uses a similar large array of light in 3D space. The piece, commissioned by Quays Culture and University of Salford, covered a 12m x 11m outdoor space outside the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, was 5m high and comprised around 12,000 individually addressable points of light suspended in space.


Coverage includes The Guardian (in print 7 Jan, photo highlight of the day on 5 Jan), the Times (arts critic choice ‘top pick’ in print and online), Wired UKLuxurious MagazineCulture 24, interviews on Granada TV and BBC Radio Manchester, and mentions in the Scottish Sun, After Nyne, ArtsHub and many more.


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