About us

Squidsoup is an international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers working with digital and interactive media experiences. Their work combines physical and dynamic virtual spaces with novel and intuitive forms of interaction to produce immersive, responsive and beguiling experiences.

Squidsoup have exhibited across the globe at a broad range of events and locations, including Canary Wharf (2017), Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew (2015, 2016), Sydney Opera House (2016), SIGGRAPH (USA 2001, 2010, 2016), Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires 2016), Wales Millenium Centre (2016), Salisbury Cathedral (part of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, UK, 2015), Adelaide Festival (Aus 2015), Visual Art Week (MEX 2015), Mapping Festival (CH 2013), TIFF (CA 2013), Sundance (USA 2011), Scopitone (FR 2011), Ars Electronica Festival and Museum (AU 2010), Glastonbury Music Festival (UK 2010), Kinetica Art Fair (UK 2010), , ISEA (JP 2002 and NI 2009), and Late at TATE Britain (UK 2006, 2007). They also worked with Four Tet on a series of live concerts that took place at the ICA and Roundhouse (UK) and Sydney Opera House (2016).

Recognition includes include Prix Ars Electronics (Honorary Mention 2017), Aesthetica Prize (Finalist 2015), Lumen Prize (Finalist, 2015), Core77 Design Awards (Professional Notable Honoree 2013), Architecture Now Interior Awards (Finalist 2013), Prix File Lux (Honorary Mention 2010), a BAFTA nomination (2002) and an International EMMA (2000).

Grants, project commissions and collaborations from (among others): Kew Gardens (2015,16), Salisbury Cathedral (2015), Quays Culture (2014), Pervasive Media Studios (2012), Arts Council Norway (2012), Royal Society of New Zealand (2012), KORO (Public Art Norway – 2012), Royal Shakespeare Company (2010,12), Technology Strategy Board (2008, 2009), Arts Council England (2003,5), NESTA Futurelab (2002-7), Cornerhouse (2003) and Watershed Media Centre (2002,4,5).

Squidsoup’s work can be experienced online at www.squidsoup.org, and in shared spaces, physical and virtual installations, games and software tools.

Squidsoup is an open group of collaborators, whose main members are: 

Anthony Rowe

Anthony has around 20 years experience in digital media art and interaction design; as an artist, designer, teacher and researcher. He was Research Fellow at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) until late 2015, and has a PhD on ‘Immersion in Mixed Reality Space’, largely based on the work of Squidsoup. Prior to this he was Associate Professor, Interaction Design at AHO (2009-2012).
Anthony founded Squidsoup in 1997. He is also a founder of LUX, an international series of seminars and exhibitions exploring the rich creative intersections of light, space and interaction.
In a former existence, Anthony sailed single-handed across the Atlantic (1988). 

Gaz Bushell

Game Developer, Digital Artist and Lecturer. Gaz has led the programming on squidsoup projects for over 15 years. His background in sculpture is the seed of his interest in the tangibility of real and virtual space.
Gaz also runs his own indie game company, Fayju, developing games mainly for Apple’s iOS platform. Fayju’s games have been downloaded over 8 million times worldwide (and counting).

Liam Birtles

Liam is an artist, lecturer and researcher with 20 years experience in creative practice and digital technology. He is currently Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University.
In 1995 Liam gained an MSc in 3D computer graphics from Teesside University and then became a Research Assistant working with designers using low-end virtual reality at Coventry University.
Liam joined Squidsoup in 2007. His current research concerns include haptic interaction; the role form plays in collaboration and autonomous agents and physical narrative space.

Chris Bennewith

Chris Bennewith is currently a Professor of Interactive Art and Design at Plymouth University. Before undertaking his role Head of the School of Art, Architecture and Design at Plymouth, he spent 8 years in New Zealand as Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts.
Chris spent his early professional career working in the interactive media industry in London. He trained as a Graphic Designer and acts as the lead visual designer within Squidsoup, with a research interest in the development of a visual vocabulary that connects the digital and material worlds.

Ollie Bown

Ollie is a researcher and maker working with creative technologies. He comes from a highly diverse academic background spanning social anthropology, evolutionary and adaptive systems, music informatics and interaction design, with a parallel career in electronic music and digital art spanning over 15 years. He is interested in how artists, designers and musicians can use advanced computing technologies to produce complex creative works. His current active research areas include media multiplicities, musical metacreation, the theories and methodologies of computational creativity, new interfaces for musical expression, and multi-agent models of social creativity. 
He is Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Art and Design, University of New South Wales.